Leo Movie Review : Lokesh rolls out a ‘red’ carpet to welcome Vijay to LCU

Leo Movie Review

“Leo” Movie Synopsis:

Set in the picturesque landscapes of Himachal Pradesh, the film follows the story of Parthiban (played by Vijay), an animal rescuer who also owns a coffee shop. His quiet life takes an unexpected turn when he becomes a local hero by saving his town from a dangerous Hyena attack. Simultaneously, an unrelated incident in his coffee shop garners unwarranted global media attention. This incident piques the curiosity of two brothers, Anthony Das (Sanjay Dutt) and Harold Das (Arjun Sarja), who mistakenly identify Parthiban as Leo Das (also played by Vijay), the son of Anthony Das. These brothers arrive in the small town with guns blazing, determined to uncover the truth about Parthiban’s identity and whether he is truly Leo.

Leo Movie Review

“Leo” Movie Review:

Parthiban, living in his idyllic world with his wife Sathya (played by Trisha) and their two children, sees a tiny crack appear in his perfect life. What follows is a series of events that turn his world into a chaotic storm. The question that looms over the story is whether Parthiban can save his family and rebuild the picture-perfect life he once had.

The Das brothers, Anthony and Harold, operate a tobacco business as a front for their illegal drug operations. Anthony’s son, Leo, is a key figure in ensuring the smooth flow of drugs between locations. However, a tragic incident at the tobacco factory results in a fire that claims Leo’s life. Fast forward 20 years, the Das brothers discover Parthiban and his striking resemblance to Leo. The central mystery revolves around whether Leo faked his own death to assume the identity of Parthiban or if they are indeed two separate individuals who happen to look alike.

Leo Movie Review

Despite an ensemble cast, “Leo” shines as a one-man show, with Vijay delivering a remarkable performance as both Parthiban and Leo. His portrayal keeps the audience guessing about his true identity right up to the climax. The film features well-crafted scenes that captivate the audience’s attention until the final moments. The pre-climax scene is particularly noteworthy. While the writing may be somewhat inconsistent, Vijay’s charisma and performance make the narrative believable. He excels as both a “badass” Leo Das and a father and husband battling inner conflicts while keeping a watchful eye out of the bedroom window to ensure the safety of his loved ones.

One area where “Leo” falls short is the absence of a strong, imposing villain. While Arjun Sarja manages to match Vijay’s energy, the limited screen time given to the antagonist dampens their impact.

Leo Movie Review

Director Lokesh sets the stage at the beginning of the film by acknowledging that the story draws inspiration from David Cronenberg’s “A History Of Violence,” preparing the audience for an action-packed, violent narrative. Lokesh’s previous films, including “LCU,” “Kaithi,” and “Vikram,” primarily focused on action, though “Vikram” did incorporate some family sentiment. In “Leo,” Lokesh delves into family dynamics and emotions, disrupting the high-octane action flow. While “Leo” carries the signature Lokesh Kanagaraj style with visible star service elements, it creates a visually captivating world for the antagonists, albeit without affording them a robust platform to shine. Despite having talented performers like Sanjay Dutt and Arjun Sarja, the film lacks a climactic showdown between the protagonist and antagonists. Anirudh’s music comes to life in the second half, with a slow song in the first half and the much-anticipated “Naa Ready Daan” in the second half, helping to balance the movie and set the tone. The action sequences in the first half could have benefitted from more energetic background music.

Leo Movie Review

Lokesh opts for a well-worn “hero in exile” storyline and adorns it with creative, action-packed sequences. While the overall direction of the film may be somewhat predictable within the first half-hour, Lokesh shines through his innovative violence and action sequences. The hyped Hyena scene falls short of leaving a significant impact in the first half, but the bloodthirsty animal returns for a perfect revenge act in the second half.

Trisha’s role in the film goes beyond being a mere accessory, and her character receives the attention it deserves. Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Sarja, Priya Anand, Gautam Vasudev Menon, and Mysskin deserve credit for their performances, although they are somewhat overshadowed by Vijay’s towering presence as Leo Das.

While the inclusion of the “LCU” element may feel forced, “Leo” provides Lokesh Kanagaraj with a strong foundation for potential future installments. Lokesh and Vijay’s “Leo” presents a character who is more “bloody” than “sweet,” and while Leo’s roar may not reach its peak in this film, it still echoes like a lion.

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